Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It’s been  almost eight months since my last post…

But I have been busy. Very busy…

After the hype of finishing the MA and the fabulous anthology launch in Foyles’ flagship store in London, I felt like I was in a sort of vacuum waiting for the next MA related event – which wasn’t too long coming… the wonderful graduation ceremony at Bath Abbey in July.  I told myself that once all the loose ends were tied up, maybe I’d feel that the MA had reached its ultimate conclusion and I would settle down to work as a writer of children’s fiction. Maybe…

So what have I been doing with myself since my launch into self-employment on January 1st (see first post)? As a writer I’ve been beavering away at polishing my novel, The Silence of Secrets (otherwise known as editing). I’ve also been researching for book two, and generally trying to organise/tidy my very small study! Oh, I was also writing and delivering IT based courses for the wonderful community based charity I used to work for ( – which to be honest sucked all my brain power (the teaching prep. that is!) So by the time August was upon me I had to make the decision to stop procrastinating and start sending my book out (eek). Which I did – to two competitions – David Fickling Books’ (Master of the Inkpot) and Undiscovered Voices (Working Partners/SCWBI) and guess what? I’ve been longlisted for the UV comp. – watch this space!

So you see, I’ve not been idle… And just to prove how un-idle I’ve been I shall be posting a second blog today – which I wrote for Words & Pictures, which should be on their site very soon!


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