So… November 1st 2016! Almost a year since my last post, and I have no excuses 😦

Last year I attempted NaNo for the first time – but unfortunately I didn’t get very far – 2000 words to be exact! Which was frustrating to say the least because I had given up work to concentrate on my writing, and for whatever reason I wasn’t managing to actually sit down and write – somehow life just seemed (and seems) to get in the way. So this year I thought I’d try again, but with a twist…

Just over a year ago I bought a FitBit and had taken up walking – mainly to get fit/lose weight (the usual). And I’m still wearing my purple Jiminy Cricket FitBit band. So every day, come rain or shine, I walk – I’m fortunate to live in the beautiful Cotswolds, and even in the town where I live there are numerous green spaces to enjoy without having to get in the car first. There are also miles of canal paths to explore through the Stroud Valleys, and I’m an avid fan/member of the National Trust. So I’ve become a converted country girl and feel really down if I don’t get out and about. What’s this to do with NaNoWriMo you might ask – well when I walk, I think, sometimes about my story, sometimes about nothing in particular. I also try to take photos of the beautiful landscapes – I use my iPhone as it is light and always with me – there’s a famous quote about that

“The Best Camera is the One You Have With You.” – Chase Jarvis

So I thought – what if I combine walking, photography and writing? And as I already do the first two everyday – it shouldn’t be too difficult to include the third… I’ll let you know how it goes!

So here’s my entry today – 1st Nov. 2016

Visited Dyrham Park a NT property on the outskirts of Bath. I arranged to meet a writer friend – Elaine Cline – to walk, write, chat over lunch and do a little more writing. Today it worked wonderfully – I managed 1500 words in no time. And tonight I’m planning on joining my local Waterstone’s NaNo Write In – so I may have more words to add to that! And here’s my Instagram photo for today…

Writing is a walk in the park – you just have to sit down and write 🙂


Popped along to the Nano Write In at my local Watersones and wrote another 1500 words 🙂  How about that? Total for Day 1 – 3000+.

Day Two

So far I’m at 1100 words. Haven’t been for my walk yet. Morning was lost to housework 😦 I’ve still got to go food shopping – which I absolutely hate doing, but the cupboards are empty! I hope to write at least another 500 words this evening. And of course add a lovely landscape photo…

Walk completed – photo taken in local church graveyard – such a peaceful setting 🙂

Total word count for today 1720. Not bad considering… 🙂

Day Three

400 words. I knew today was going to be difficult – I had three appointments – morning, afternoon & evening! So the fact I managed to write anything is a miracle! My story seems to have lost its Victorian feel – which is frustrating 😦 But as it’s NaNoWriMo I’m not supposed to edit, stop for research etc. So for the time being I’ll leave it. My walk consisted of a quick jaunt around town – so I popped into my local church, St. John [the] Baptist, which is awe inspiring. The chancel dates back to 1115, and the church holds the Boleyn Cup – made in 1535 for Anne Boleyn & given first to her daughter (Queen Elizabeth) then by the Queen to her physician Richard Master – who then gave it to the church. So much history on my doorstep! The Master family are still prominent landowners in the area – and my IG photo is of one of the ancestors – Thomas Master – who looks pretty relaxed reading a book!

Not so many words today – but lots of story ideas… 🙂

Day Four

I’ve written over 1000 words so far & hope to make at least 1500. Have popped into town to get ingredients for tonight’s dinner, and decided to take a detour through Cirencester Park, which is owned by the Bathurst family and has been in the family for generations – I sense a theme here 🙂 The walk, which is five minutes away from the hustle and bustle of shops, cafes etc is the Mecca for dog walkers living in town. Anyway, I hope you like today’s IG photo…

Word update tonight (fingers crossed)

Day Five

Didn’t manage to write anything last night. I somehow managed to strain my back so went to bed early…

Today isn’t going great either. The story I’m writing seems to be rambling on and on; and as it’s set in the 1850s I’m also struggling with the temptation to research every last detail!

Does it count (NaNoWriMo) if I switch to a different story?

I hope not… As I have several ideas & I’m thinking of picking up a short story I started on the Bath Spa MA course. This story isn’t set in Victorian England, it is set in a fictitious land many moons ago – and I definitely imagine it as a graphic novel or illustrated book for teens… I wonder what the rules are for graphic novels? Resist, resist…

I think I’ll go for a walk to clear my head 🙂

A little while later… And here’s my IG photo taken along the way.

I’ve managed just over a 1000 words today. Really not focused or in the mood to type word after miserable word, with no editing etc. As I said earlier, the Victorian ‘feel’ has gone & it’s making it more difficult for me to stay in character. I’m going to have tonight off and relax with a good film or book. Currently reading The Lie Tree by Francis Hardinge – why is it that so many good books are written in 3rd person, and yet on my MA we were encouraged to write in 1st person, present tense (?) Maybe a different POV would get me going again (?)

Day Six

Was up all night with stomach upset – think it was an allergic reaction to something 😦 So will be giving NaNoWriMo a miss today.

I did get out for a walk – hoping it would make me feel better – and it did for a while, but feeling rough again now!

My IG photo was taken in Hare Bushes Woods, owned by the Chester-Master family (see above)… lovely we plebs can enjoy it though.

Days – 7 & 8

Yuk! Still struggling with food poisoning! Have managed to get out and walk. Saw my lovely writer friend Sharon Tregenza for a walk in Corsham and a writerly chat over lunch. Haven’t managed to write, but I have had several thoughts/ideas, and have made a huge decision about my MA manuscript… All will be revealed!



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