January 1st 2015! Today I start the next phase of my life – as a full-time writer… And I’m terrified! I promised myself that I would create  a blog on January 1st – so here’s my first post – just so I can say that I haven’t fallen at the first hurdle 🙂

The image above is a commissioned drawing by Laura Hollingsworth (google her), I thought that having a picture of my main characters would help me focus on completing my book – a 12+ (Tween) adventure story, set in Victorian London during the time of the Great Exhibition – and it worked! I still can’t believe that Laura could conjure up Abby and Henry from a few email exchanges, when they’d only lived in my imagination.

I hope this blog will help me keep focused in the months ahead – and I hope that as I come across  images that inspire me, books that I get lost in, research that adds to the atmosphere and authenticity of my Victorian world I will remember to share it all with you…


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